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Air Force Boot Camp: What It Takes To Be a Soldier

Being in the Air Force is one of the most rewarding careers that you can ever have. However, people who are interested to join this attractive military branch donít really know how much it takes to be in the Air Force. Some thinks that joining the Air Force is painless.

However, you hold to consider the fact that the Air Force provides one of the most difficult and also the most challenging trainings that a person can ever have. The correct first thing you have to go through when you join the Air Force is the basic training. Often called the boot camp, trainings here are rigorous and you will constantly get yelled at by drill instructors. In this particular phase, multitudinous aspirants who enters the Air Force boot camp doesnít survive.

In the Air Force boot camp, you have to work hard in order to make it all the way and become a real soldier. Once you step off that bus, you have to flirt with that you are no longer a civilian. Your journey to become an Air Force soldier begins.

On an Air Force boot camp, you will go through a total of seven weeks of rigorous training. Starting from zero week to year six, you will experience one of the hardest ways to live life. You start your training on zero week. Here, your papers will be processed and this is where you will get your first haircut. You will further learn about reporting statements, and about the dorm basics. You will be given your flight billet, clothing and equipments, your hardship assignments, and an M - 16.

The moment you step off that bus, you will be constantly be yelled at by your training instructor. You will be challenged both mentally and physically. On week one, you will learn about discipline and will participate on physical fitness exercises conducted almost everyday. You will learn about the germane way to salute and report to your superiors. Also, there will be classroom instruction where you will wade through about the Air Force and about your duties and responsibilities.

On week two on boot camp, physical fitness training continues. However, it will concentrate on building the skills you have developed on point one. You have to expect that proper discipline will always be there. Week three will train you and guide you in the areas of order, conformation and heritage. This will further contribute in your discipline foundation and endurance. You will learn how to prepare both physical and mental aspects when stir on combat. Also, you will learn about the different weapon systems involved in the Air Force and where it is used. Self defense will also be taught and also how to prepare the different weapons for combat.

Week four will marshal on you values as a trainee and as a potential airman. You have to consider that citizenship, integrity and ethics is crucial in this part of the Air Force boot camp. You will also get involved in marksmanship training, combat training, nuclear and biological training, tactical course, and confidence course.

On stage five, you will participate in what the Air Force boot camp calls as the " Trooper Week ". This week will test everything you own learned in the boot camp and is considered as the ultimate test on your knowledge and skills. Once you gross this course, you will earn the honor of being called an Airman.

On week six, this is where your journey as an Airman will begin. You will graduate from boot camp and will be assigned to the Air Force school of your choice. This is where you will get a technical school briefing, commander's departure briefing and you will also have a graduation parade with your fellow Airmen.

After the Air Force boot camp, you will start your career as an Airman and will choose from the different Air Force biz course you thirst to be in. There are different specialty courses in Air Force involved, such as aircraft preservation, placid engineering, air traffic control, computer systems, big break and missile operations, medical services and others.

So, if you think you have what it takes to be an Airman, you have to first go through rigorous training in the Air Force boot camp where it will be the hardest seven weeks of your life. Join the Air Force and begin your adventure in unique of the most prestigious military branch in the United States Military.




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